Available Units

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Wait List

As a “Wait List” member you receive the first option to purchase available shares (units) after existing members and before they are marketed to the general public.  In order to become a “Wait List” member you must complete the reservation form, indicate your two priority unit choices, and send a check for $500.00 made out to Spaulding Place Cooperative.  This money is placed in the “Wait List “ account and is completely refundable upon request, or is applied to the purchase of any share.  

Wait List members are assigned a number based on a first come first served basis by date.  When a share becomes available you will be notified in a group email to all “Wait List” members.  The email will indicate the time that Wait List Members have to respond indicating their interest before the share is offered to the general public.  Interested parties will be handled in order as their Wait List position indicates.

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