What Does This Cost?

We know cost is at the forefront of your mind when searching for a new place to live, or when planning for the future. Our cost comparison worksheet can show you how affordable it really is!

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Is Senior Cooperative Living Right for Me?

Have you reached the point where owning a house is more work than you want to do or are able to do? Perhaps you want to downsize from a larger house that you’ve outgrown. Maybe you simply want to remove the burden of home maintenance. As a homeowner, you know what goes into keeping it up, both in terms of time and money.

Spaulding Place Cooperative Building
Want to be independant? Want freedom from maintenance? Interested in security and peace of mind? Contact us for your answers. Let us help you make the decision. We'll guide you through the entire process.
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What are the benefits of membership?

Don't be confused - this is not assisted living, nursing home care, or subsidized senior housing. It’s an alternative for people who do not need personal care or skilled nursing care. Seniors who choose Spaulding Place become owners in the cooperative.

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